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Decision are quick because staff are not consulted Zenova company work is usually completed on time. Koichi will not decisions without consulting staff while other will ultimately make the final decision.

This is a problem because the current manager Ryan Douglas applied it in his management style, he gave clear instructions, but very brief and his staff all felt they needed more information so Anna may make them confuse again about instructions problem.

From that information, I think that Eliot is not a good choice for this position because this is new kind of management style while he is trying to adapt, and his strengths is not good enough. Company never concern about what you will do, work effective or not; the only thing they need is getting job done and Anna has knew about that, she is pragmatic.

How Zenova company cite this page Choose cite format: He may a kind of consultative management style which combine of autocratic management style and democratic management style.

The leader likes to control the situation they are in.

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Thirdly, Anna a transport manager who is an ambitious, hardworking and responsible, very powerful person. She is transport manager so her strengths absolutely are organizing, getting job done and motivating.

On the other hand, she likes to offer her staff incentives such as bonuses, prizes, free holidays which is really fantastic for her staff but where she will get those incentives; from company capital. Next, 4 manager will be analyze the weaknesses and strengths to decide who will replace the position of current manager Ryan Douglas.

Firstly, Elliot a new business manage.

However, his staff are multinational and he is trying to adapt his management style. They Zenova company a laissez faire management style or consultative management style. The situation of this project is really bad so the company need someone work really hard and Koichi who can work six day a week, often at the weekends and also expect his staff will do the same.

Next, Anna is really good but in this situation she cannot work because she is using Autocratic Management Style which is good but not available for this project. The manager will ask views and opinions from Zenova company staff, allowing them to feel involved but Mr.

The most important is he using consultative management style which is difference from the current manager Ryan Douglas and available for this project so the company should choice Koichi to replace the current manager Ryan Douglas. Four candidates with difference management style, all of them have bot strengths and weaknesses which may harm or help this project.

Finally, Koichi, sales director in Europe. In addition, it may change the staff when they work to finish project but now they will work for their prizes so they have to competitive with each other. Moreover, she already good as well-organized so to work with a multination group is not a problem for her.

However, after the discussion or meeting, you cannot change her mind because she has done it in the meeting together with her staff; very decisive person.

He may a kind of authoritarian or autocratic management style, this can be a highly effective management style and is well suited to specific situations that require absolutely clarity on objectives and methods, where time is scarce or team members unable or unwilling to participate in decisions.

Secondly, Janet a manager computer services. However, it is for the purpose of bring out the best in staff. Hire Writer Members in group is managed by Ryan Douglas are from different cultures and also different age. Although Ryan Douglas knew about that, he still used the same approach and style with everyone.Free Essay: ZENOVA COMPANY MANAGEMENT’S ASSIGNMENT Name: Le Dinh Nhat Huy Class: Ba91 Lecturer: wine-cloth.com Zenova is a company where open based on Hanover.

ZENOVA services s.r.o. is a Czech company operating in the Czech Republic at the national level and is a reliable partner with many years of experien. Discover Company Info on Zenova Corp. in Brooklyn, NY, such as Contacts, Addresses, Reviews, and Registered Agent.

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