Was trudeau justified war measures act essay

A Jewish internee sitting beside his cupboard made out of packing cases, location unknown, c. The debate over conscription mandatory war service divided the country at the end of the First World War see Military Service Act.

Once the maid lets them in, they pull out a rifle and a revolver and kidnap Cross. When the crisis was over, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau pledged to refine and limit the application of the Act in internal crises, but by the time of the defeat of the final Trudeau government inthe Act had not been modified.

The suspension of civil liberties in Quebec was politically controversial. During their internment, they were often required to work on large labour projects — even building a portion of the golf course at Banff National Park — as well as building roads, clearing bush, cutting trails and working on logging and mining operations.

One senior RCMP official testifying before a federal inquiry put it bluntly: The War Measures Act gave sweeping powers of arrest and internment to the police. Documentary relating the events of October They were behind three major riots in Montreal between June and Octoberas well as numerous demonstrations and disturbances that sometimes attracted crowds of 25, or more.

Although this was true, the fastest way to stop the terrorism was to arrest anyone that was believed to be in the FLQ, and it worked flawlessly; the guilty FLQ members were arrested, and the innocent civilians were released days later.

The Canadian federal or Quebec provincial government had to act fast. The FLQ-terrorism was unknowingly rescinding these reputations.

October Crisis

Five people died in explosions or shootouts and property worth millions was damaged or destroyed. In the early hours of Oct. The quickest and most effective way of terminating this terrorist organization FLQwas invoking the War Measures Act.

The news I heard shocked me. On 3 AprilTrudeau announced that Canada would stay in NATO after all, but he drastically cut military spending and pulled out half of the 10, Canadian soldiers and airmen stationed in West Germany.

By23 members of the FLQ were in prison, including four convicted of murder. From tofor example, certain more limited powers were granted to Cabinet under an offshoot of the legislation called the Emergency Powers Act.

Tele-Quebec, Richard Cross, his wife and his daughter remember how they suffered during October The day before the War Measures Act, Qu bec was in chaos.

Nothing even remotely comparable had ever occurred in Canada or the United States. Inthe government used the War Measures Act to quell the anti-conscription Easter Riots in Quebec City between 28 March and 1 Aprilproclaiming martial law and deploying over 6, soldiers.

Upper Canada and the War of Regarding the latter, Trudeau had been an outspoken critic of separatism in the s, before he became prime minister, and here was an opportunity for him to go after his opponents in a harsh way, a way that they could not fight back against. However, emergency and transitional power legislation was in place between the end of the Second World War and the end of the Korean War.

War Measures Act

Trudeau used the law to hold people in prison incommunicado, some of them for months. My second shock happened at about 9: Simultaneously, under provisions quite separate from the War Measures Act and much more commonly used, the Solicitor-General of Quebec requisitioned the deployment of the military from the Chief of the Defence Staff in accordance with the National Defence Act.The War Measures Act did what it set out to do, the kidnappings ended, the crisis ended and the temporary act was then removed.

"Two terrorist cells initiated a political hostage crisis. The RCMP saw the crisis as requiring good, patient, careful police work to solve. The October Crisis was the only occasion in which the War Measures Act was invoked in peacetime.

The FLQ was declared an unlawful association; this meant that under the War Measures Act the police had full power to arrest, interrogate and hold anyone they believed was associated with the FLQ.

Nov 17,  · Yes, the War Measures Act was justified. Trudeau was a strong man, when strength was needed. Without drawing a line in the sand, the terrorists of the day would have had a field day and it would have been impossible to stop wine-cloth.com: Resolved.

Pierre Trudeau is remembered today for many things—the introduction of official bilingualism, the repatriation of the constitution and creation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the National Energy Program and, of course, the proclamation of the War Measures Act on Oct.

16,after the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ) separatist. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was justified in invoking the War Measures Act; as it was the quickest and most effective method to stop the FLQ-terrorism, and reverse its effects. Works Cited CBC.

Trudeau’s War Measures Act: A Reminiscence

The War Measures Act was the act that gave power to the Canadian government to take measures of civil rights into their own hands. It gave them the power to make any decisions they wanted based on the seriousness of the threat at hand.

Was trudeau justified war measures act essay
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