The talented performance of monica bill barnes and anna bass in happy hour

She lives in Brooklyn, NY. Put your sneakers on and jog along with Monica Bill Barnes and her long-time dancing partner Anna Bass as they travel through the Philadelphia Museum of Art, performing choreographed exercises in the galleries.

When objects, like a terracotta monument carved with angels, obstruct their path, they diverge like hand-holding lovers, separated by an oncoming crowd. You should wear clothes that you feel good doing light exercise in. She applauds them, her little claps sounding forlorn in the silence before we join.

She currently resides in Brooklyn. Did they meet us earlier?

Monica Bill Barnes & Co Happy Hour

The woman sitting next to me starts chatting with me, as we sip and munch. We create and produce each work entirely from its own rulebook — dancing to radio interviews on the biggest stages in the world, hosting a weekly show in a crowded office party, or leading a choreographed exercise routine in an art museum.

Crepe paper garlands, bunches of blue balloons, banners, colored lights, and a table bearing beer cans, wine bottles, pretzel sticks, cheese balls. He has created performances and toured productions throughout the world with the Obie Award winning Nature Theater of Oklahoma. You can adjust to your own comfort level, but do expect to break a sweat and move differently than you normally do around the Museum.

Not for the faint of heart. For more information go to www. And while we wait outside on the lawn for the door to open, the idea of joining an office party becomes more and more alluring.

Why not cut loose a little? A television adaptation of the program ran on the Showtime network for two years, winning three Emmys. Christopher Duggan At 5: A spin-off program called Serial ran for twelve weeks in and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon, the most listened-to podcast ever created.

Barnes has been an invited guest artist at many universities and has choreographed for various theater productions. They throw themselves into dance routines in an attempt to ingratiate themselves with us and we love them for it.While you might forget you’re at Gibney Dance to see a dance performance, you are, in fact, being warmed up for Happy Hour, a new treat from the resolutely entertaining choreographer Monica Bill Barnes and her longtime co-conspirator, Anna Bass.4/5.

Today and Friday, Monica Bill Barnes & Company will produce Happy Hour in Hancher’s Strauss Hall. The production puts office antics in a new light, with Barnes and Anna Bass playing two men, one in a well-worn gray suit, the other in blue.

Sep 01,  · The resulting show, “One Night Only (Running as long as we can),” will be Monica Bill Barnes & Company’s Off Broadway debut when it opens in previews on Saturday, Sept. 9 at the WP Theater. For just over an hour, “One Night Only” will explore — through sports and, of course, highly refined choreography — the aging body, something Ms.

Barnes, 44, and Ms. Bass, who will turn 40. Happy Hour Happy Hour is the newest dance work from MBB&CO. Framed by the casual aesthetics of cocktail parties and the inherent failure of karaoke nights, Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass are two female performers playing the most familiar male characters.

Happy Hours Aren’t Always Happy

Hosted by Robbie Saenz de Viteri, Happy Hour is a hybrid, part office party, part dance show, and part karaoke event. The happy hour continues after each performance at Bull McCabe’s Irish Pub.

Join Monica and Anna for a cool one! The presentation of Happy Hour is made possible by PNC. BECKET — SinceMonica Bill Barnes & Company has been throwing office parties that people actually want to attend.

The troupe's immersive three-person mix of dance and theater, "Happy Hour," has garnered acclaim for mimicking oft-derided post-work gatherings through a performance that embraces social discomfort to revealing ends.

The talented performance of monica bill barnes and anna bass in happy hour
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