The red headed league

The other man escapes through the crack in the floor. William Morris or Mr. And, first, one or two questions, Mr. On account of the bequest of the late Ezekiah Hopkins, of Lebanon, Pa. But The red headed league is, if you will excuse my saying so, something just a little funny about it.

Then I asked him who Mr. It is introspective, and I want to introspect. While studying his client, both Holmes and Watson notice his red hairwhich has a distinct flame-like hue.

The Red Headed League

When I saw how many were waiting, I would have given it up in despair; but Spaulding would not hear of it. Wilson went to the landlord, who said that he had never heard of The red headed league Ross, the person who managed the league office.

You just read it for yourself, sir. He was so disturbed by the thought that someone had been playing a practical joke on him that he came to Holmes for a solution. Sherlock Holmes stopped in front of it with his head on one side, and looked it all over, with his eyes shining brightly between puckered lids.

Wilson, you would have the great kindness to recommence your narrative. This assistant of yours who first called your attention to the advertisement - how long had he been with you?

I did not wish to lose such a place without a struggle, so, as I had heard that you were good enough to give advice to poor folk who were in need of it, I came right away to you.

But I want to find out about them, and who they are, and what their object was in playing this prank - if it was a prank - upon me. He asks directions from a clerk at the pawnshop; he taps the street outside with his walking stick and remarks that the case is complicated by the fact that it is Saturday.

The Red-Headed League

When, on his visit to the area, Holmes tapped the pavement and heard a hollow sound, he concluded that they were tunneling beneath the street to the branch bank in question. The will is very clear upon that point.

They are John Clay, the Eton- and Oxford-educated grandson of a Royal Duke, considered by Holmes to be the fourth-smartest man in London, who has a long history of criminal activity and his helper Archie.

Holmes points out that Wilson has lost nothing—indeed, has made thirty pounds—but says that the case is remarkable. He learned that the nominal duties consisted only of his coming to the office from Can you not find the advertisement, Mr.

Wilson says that Spaulding is a fine worker, although he is interested in photography and often goes alone into the basement of the shop to develop photos. Plot summary[ edit ] Watson reading the newspaper to Holmes and Wilson. According to Spaulding, the league is a foundation established by an eccentric and wealthy American to promote the interests of redheaded men by paying them to perform small tasks.

The table was set out ready for me, and Mr. As a rule, when I have heard some slight indication of the course of events I am able to guide myself by the thousands of other similar cases which occur to my memory. When shall you be able to enter upon your new duties? Sherlock Holmes, one day in the autumn of last year, and found him in deep conversation with a very stout, florid-faced elderly gentleman, with fiery red hair.

Duncan Ross, and I am myself one of the pensioners upon the fund left by our noble benefactor. Wilson, has been my partner and helper in many of my most successful cases, and I have no doubt that he will be of the utmost use to me in yours also.

Altogether, look as I would, there was nothing remarkable about the man save his blazing red head and the expression of extreme chagrin and discontent upon his features. I used to be able to keep two assistants, but now I only keep one; and I would have a job to pay him but that he is willing to come for half wages, so as to learn the business.

There you must stay, or you lose your billet. Merryweather, a bank director. It was a poky, little, shabby-genteel place, where four lines of dingy, two-storied brick houses looked out into a small railed-in inclosure, where a lawn of weedy grass, and a few clumps of faded laurel bushes made a hard fight against a smoke-laden and uncongenial atmosphere.

Wilson went immediately to Sherlock Holmes, hoping that Holmes could help him find out whether he had been the victim of a practical joke. Wilson tells Holmes that his business has been struggling.

Holmes says that the four men are about to have a run-in with John Clay, a notorious criminal.The Red-Headed League Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you.

In "The Red-Headed League," Sherlock Holmes takes the case of a red-headed businessman who feels that he's been duped. The "league" he joined paid him four pounds a week, but was just a ruse to. The Red-Headed League Arthur Conan Doyle.

This text is provided to you “as-is” without any warranty. No warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, are made to you as to the League of the Red-headed Men.

It’s worth quite a little fortune to any man who gets it, and I un. "The Red-Headed League" is an episode of the Sherlock Holmes television adaptations of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories, produced by Britain's Granada Television between and and starring Jeremy Brett as the famous detective.

"TO THE RED-HEADED LEAGUE: On account of the bequest of the late Ezekiah Hopkins, of Lebanon, Pa., U. S. A., there is now another vacancy open which entitles a member of the League to a salary of four pounds a week for purely nominal services.

The Red-Headed League Summary

A list of all the characters in The Red-Headed League. The The Red-Headed League characters covered include: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Jabez Wilson, John Clay/Vincent Spaulding, Peter Jones, Mr. Merryweather, Archie/Duncan Ross/William Morris.

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The red headed league
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