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In modern scenario, effective communication has become the backbone of modern management in any of the organizations. Continuous and open lines of communication enable leaders to freely plan, make decisions, and program future training and operations.

This configuration of chain of command helps the highest authority to run the wing effectively. The principle of unity of command is maintained by following the proper chain of command along with apparent interaction with specific authority.

In military perspective, the rule of unity of command is very significant because violation of this rule leads The chain of command essay jeopardize of overall discipline and may also result in instability of the whole unit.

The Chain Of Command Essay Sample

Commanders issue orders through the chain of command, but senior NCOs must know and understand the orders to issue effective implementing instructions through the NCO support channel. The ultimate demand of the era is to adopt a dynamic, flexible, and responding environment in the organizations.

Transmitting, instilling and ensuring the efficacy of the Army ethic. One of the leading disadvantages of chain of command is that it is a time consuming process in the line of through proper channels especially in present scenario when communication aids have the messaging quite fast Bittel, pp.

Either the organization is military or civil, when the direct The chain of command essay are in position to administer the specific staff; this provides a relationship between The chain of command essay and higher authority that can precisely communicate the information from staff members to senior authorities.

Training enlisted soldiers in their MOS as well as in the basic skills and attributes of a soldier. In present scenario, the process takes just few seconds.

A positive relationship between officers and NCOs creates conditions for success. This organizational structure is formulated in terms of human resource, physical infrastructure, tangible assets, and capabilities of the manpower. Beyond conducting their normal duties, NCOs train soldiers and advises commanders on individual soldier readiness and the training needed to ensure unit readiness.

He is assisted by officer in charges of fighter squadrons, SATCO senior air traffic controllerand senior met officer to run their respective sections.

Similarly, the higher authority can judge the issues more easily if some sectional issues or grievances come into his notice. However, the principles and theories formulated during the first quarter of 20th century are still being used as the base of each new management model.

The chain of command and the NCO support channel are also effective and efficient means of communication from where the rubber meets the road to the very highest echelons of the Army. They continually facilitate the process of gaining the necessary clarification and solving problems.

They furnish information about how things are developing, notify the leader of problems, and provide request for clarification and help. The organizations of flatter hierarchies or in case of matrix organizations, subordinates have two or more managers or supervisors, thus violating the unity of command and chain of command principles.

In case, military or civil, most of the time a specific procedure of chain of command entertains the employees to establish better official relationships with their superiors. The human resource of the air force is distributed in different sections according to their capabilities where they are responsible to a single command.

Teaching soldiers the history of the Army, to include military customs, courtesies, and traditions. They use open arguments to solve different matters, and utilize several channels to disseminate information.

His intentions and orders go down and out to all who supposed to be and thus the job gets done. No service member is allowed to appeal for any relief to a commander above his immediate officer and the failure is dealt with disciplinary action. The General orders to his troops in reverse order through the same chain of command to move ahead and counter the enemy.

Generally orders are disseminated out by a higher hierarchy i. Although, entity level decisions may be deviated from organizational goals but even then, decision making must be delegated to the lowest point because it keeps the morale of the subordinates high Sawyer, p.

It is rightly said by many that chain of command is the most crucial aspect of military operations. This principle of military life works just like an information motor way.Sep 05,  · Chain Of Command The Chain of Command is the succession of commanders superior to subordinates through which command is exercised.

The chain of command supports the NCO channel by legally punishing those who challenge a sergeant's authority. chain of command who deciphers the information as a need to know basis. Chain of command A chain of command Words: — Pages: 3. Importance of Chain of Command Essay Words | 4 Pages. Importance of utilizing chain of command The chain of the command defines the relationship of juniors and seniors within navy organization.

An effective chain of command is essential for the navy to carry out its mission. Good leadership supports an effective chain of command. Chain of Command Principle The chain of command, sometimes called the scaler chain, is the formal line of authority, communication, and responsibility within an organization.

The chain of command is usually depicted on an organizational chart, which identifies the superior and subordinate relationships in the organizational structure.

The Chain of Command and Nco Support Channel

Oct 23,  · Essay on Chain of Command. In the literature, military documents, media propaganda, in conversations, in official documents dealing with military matters, we can constantly meet the terms – military unit, company, battalion, /5(3).

Week 4 Chain of Command Essay Week 4 chain of command Nancy Folley Chamberlain College of Nursing Introduction Information passes up the chain of command and orders and commands are passed down the chain of command ("Chain," ).

The chain of command essay
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