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A couple of years later, chaos has spread rapidly through the ghetto. Riva Later changes name to Ruth is speaking with her daughter, Nancy, when her mind is taken back in time to Lodz, Poland Click here to learn more details about this segment and how you can do this with your family!

There were a lot of side characters that had no introduction and they would leave just as quickly. Synopsis[ edit ] Thirteen-year-old Riva Minska, her mother, three brothers and landlord are living in the same house.

These books are important and we must protect them to ensure future generations never forget. Hence why Mom picks up Holocaust books for me whenever she can. As time continues to progress, Riva is deported to another concentration camp.

When Riva arrives at Mittelsteine, she finds a pencil and she makes use of it by writing poetry. She is eventually liberated and she takes the time to go back to her hometown in Poland. It was written very choppily with a lot of repetition. At this time, Riva and her family are betrayed by their landlady and robbed of their valuables and possessions.

Throughout the book, Riva refers to all the places she has been confined as "the cage". My heart positively aches for Ruth and for what she went through. She reiterates to her daughter that the past should never be forgotten because it tends to stay with a person even if most of the factors are considerably negative.

In the midst of all of this, Laibele is consumed by his disease. Why did the Holocaust even have to happen? She also does this really awesome thing that she should totally keep doing because I really like it!

With the many different time lapses that are seen within the book, the author vividly describes specific moments that have stuck out to her the most.

Ultimately, this personal account helps the reader to understand the many trials and tribulations that are faced by Riva. Pieces of time would fly by with no descriptions and it would leave me really confused as to what date it was. I want to cry. With many other women, she is blasted with cold water and Riva can never forget the screams of the young girls and women.

Once Riva arrives at Auschwitz, she is separated from her family and she spends only one week there. But despite my critiques, this is another book that should be read and I will be reading more of her work, as she has a book about her journey in America.

Eventually, the Nazi determines that Riva and her brothers should be deported to Auschwitz. Why, as humans, must we think we are better than one another?

I did like this book for the aspect that it was from someone that lived in Poland during World War II. Soon, the gates of the Lodz Ghetto were shut and no one came in; they only went out.

Within the last part of The Cage, Riva reminisces about her horrible past while living in the concentration camps. But adoption means the remains of her family will be separated.

However, when the commandants find out about her poetry, she is scolded; later she ends up developing a severe case of blood poisoning. Riva finds out that her childhood home is now owned by a Polish woman; therefore she rents an apartment with some of her friends from the concentration camps.

She is then given old clothes that do not fit well. This traumatizes Riva and she is not sure what to make of her life. We can never let another event like the Holocaust happen again. Her mother is taken away in a Nazi raid because she looked sick. It was interesting to read about Poland and how the Jews there dealt with what was happening and I would like to find more of them.

In the following years, Riva must fight sickness, deportation, and losing hope. Soon the Germans invade Poland. It just bleeds for her.The cage by Ruth Minsky Sender, is a heartbreaking story. I absoulutely loved this book! It was inspiring, deep, and amazing. She fought for her family (mother and her brothers), she even protected those she barely knew, her friends, and her dignity.

I felt she included so many details that i could imagine each word i read/5(). Free Essays on Essays On The Cage By Ruth Minsky Sender.

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Get help with your writing. 1 through The Cage, written by Ruth Minsky Sender inis a true story about the hardship and cruelty of being a Jewish person during the Holocaust.

At the beginning of the book it is (when the book was written).Author: Ruth Minsky Sender. The Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender (Author)/5(). Ruth Minsky Sender was a teacher of Jewish culture and history, specializing in the Holocaust. She lives with her husband in Commack, New York.

She is the mother of three grown sons and a daughter, and has several grandchildren. The Lodz Ghetto: Review of The Cage by Ruth Minsky In her Holocaust memoir, The Cage (Simon & Schuster, ), Ruth Minsky Sender compares the Lodz ghetto not to imprisonment of human beings, but to a cage that animals are trapped in/5.

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The cage ruth minsky sender essay writer
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