Religious aspects of the vietnam war in oliver stones film platoon

Oliver Stone on the Vietnam War

I believe in a fair market, but the market sometimes has excesses. After completing Talk Radio inStone went on to make the second installment of his Vietnam trilogy, Born on the Fourth of July Patricia Kennealy-Morrison —a well known rock critic and author—was a consultant on the movie, in which she also has a cameo appearance, but she writes in her memoir Strange Days: Even Taylor, who generally sides with the moral faction and attempts to maintain his humanity, tries his hand at being savage.

It turned many neutral villagers against us. I left, he stayed. Knowing and talking about something is one thing -- seeing it is another. Emotionally scarred by his experiences in Vietnam, Stone returned to the States "very mixed up, very paranoid and very alienated," in his words.

His travels took him from Asia back to Oregon and then Mexico. S lost soldiers whereas, 3 t0 4 million Vietnamese got killed. During the discussion, Manzarek stated that he sat down with Stone about The Doors and Jim Morrison for over 12 hours.

Newsweek stated that "The less said about that orgy of alternative factsthe better". Narratively, the film works like a classic piece of war literature: It does not show anything about the end of the war, its causes and its final effects both on Vietnam and America.

The historical high numbers of American friendly fire casualties in Vietnam may be attributed to combat at night in strange wild, jungle settings as depicted by the movie. There was a breakdown in that division and there was a breakdown from the top.

How did Oliver Stone’s approach to “Platoon” differ from other war films

It was a rite of passage. Works Cited Berardinelli, J. In the documentary, Stone argued that Russia was justified in invading Crimea. Later Stone commented in a BBC interview: Sometimes the best way to reflect on something is through parallel history.

A short introduction, viewed at, http: The film was to have been made for United Artists[29] but the company officially cancelled the production start due to the — Writers Guild of America strike. The innocent, unequipped man sets off to fight in a battle, survives, and leaves with knowledge and memories that live through time.

A story of serial killers, played by Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewisthe film was named the eighth most controversial movie of all time by Entertainment Weekly in Moynihan accused the book of " moral equivalence " and said nothing within the book was "untold" previously.Platoon was the first in a trilogy of films based on the Vietnam War, each dealing with different aspects of the war.

Platoon is a semi-autobiographical film about Stone's experience in combat; Nixon: An Oliver Stone Film. Hyperion wine-cloth.comen: 3, including Sean Stone.

Oliver Stone

Is Platoon an accurate representation of the Vietnam War? ( So these were aspects that Oliver Stone exaggerated for his story. Oliver Stone is a Vietnam War vet, the movie is semi-autobiographical. Directed and written by someone who was there, it's.

Stone received international acclaim the following year for the movie Platoon, for which he drew on his personal experiences to redefine the way in which the Vietnam War was portrayed on film.

Stone effectively opened the way for a new -- albeit controversial -- approach to looking at the war, and in so doing, he solidified his reputation of.

"Platoon" () was based on Stone's experiences as a kid discovering under fire that the reality of the war did not match the publicity campaign.

Oliver Stone Goes Back to War

It won Oscars for best picture and best director. It won Oscars for best picture and best director. The (Un)Reality of War: Reconsidering Stone's Platoon Tony Grajeda State University of New York at Buffalo (Un)Reality of War.

Reconsidering Stone's Platoon by Tony What is one to make of such a comment ronceming Oliver Stone's film Platoon? Halberstam, a Vietnam War rorrespondent for the New York Times, respected journalist. Oliver Stone’s Platoon () doesn’t fit that description.

The Vietnam War was as much a domestic social and cultural conflict as it was an overseas battle, and Platoon tells a story at the heart of the lasting legacy of the war it depicts -- one of brutality and distress, not of heroes and ascendancy.

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Religious aspects of the vietnam war in oliver stones film platoon
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