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The members of my committee were strong on Kierkegaard in general, but comparatively weak on his dissertation. You know who they are, and so will most readers of the final product.

It even had a card in the card catalog. As a result, their work was not readily or easily accessible to readers outside the university. Phase Two is to provide OA to royalty-producing literature like books. Beyond education, the university can use its policies to counteract this bad advice.

I was too eager to get on to other projects to publish it as a book or turn any of its chapters into articles. An OA mandate for ETDs is no more problematic than other academic requirements and considerably more mission-critical.

Phase Three is to reform copyright law in order to reduce permission barriers. We can get all we need from Phases One open access thesis and dissertation online Two. In the world of journals, the policy to disqualify works that have already circulated as preprints is called the Ingelfinger rule.

The OA repositories themselves give a good sense of the numerator, or the number that are actually OA at a given time. The OA metadata helps the dissertation become known to others working in the field and could even help the author gather citations, impact, and reputation while submitting chapters to journals.

With open access, scholars and researchers around the world can access the results of your research and scholarship with the click of a button. The greatest obstacle to routine self-archiving is unfamiliarity with the process, including groundless fears of the time it takes.

The deposit process and benefits are just about the same, and the students will want to enhance the visibility and impact of both kinds of work.

But even knowledgeable young scholars may not have much experience providing OA to their own work, let alone support and reinforcement from an important research institution.

But it also helps the ETD authors, boosting their visibility and impact just as it does for the authors of journal articles. It will help create lifelong habits of self-archiving. They undergo a review that is sufficiently rigorous to make them good, or to make them worth disseminating and using.

Deans should approve delays only for the affected chapters and require immediate OA for the rest of the dissertation.

Instead of devaluing dissertations because they are not formally peer-reviewed, we should see a beautiful win-win situation here. See my story on this above. They are hard to retrieve even if discovered, and they are hard to discover. I never mined my dissertation for publications.

It will improve performance. Today universities seem more interested in mission-trivial details like the margins and font sizes of a dissertation than in its availability to others who could use it, apply it, or build on it.

If you intend to revise and publish your thesis or dissertation as a book or publish chapters from your work as articles, you should consult with your committee chair and with potential publishers so that you can make an informed decision about open access.

Dissertations are not well indexed. Arthur Sale argues that the OA mandate should apply to all dissertations submitted as of a certain date rather than all dissertations by students who enroll as of a certain date.

This would not be as onerous as it may look. Students who would like to use the articles in their dissertations should retain the right of OA archiving.

The best solution here is education for the faculty advisors. All teachers know that students work harder and do better work when they know they are writing for a real audience --large or small-- beyond the teacher.

In a law course in which I conducted moot court, the quality of student preparation and argument improved dramatically after I started videotaping them.With PQDT Open, you can read the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge. About PQDT Open Help (new window) Find Open Access Dissertations and Theses Search Tips.

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Open access to electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) SPARC Open Access Newsletter, issue #99 July 2, by Peter Suber I finished my dissertation inbefore the web, before the internet, and even before personal computers.

Provides the full text of open access dissertations and theses free of charge. The authors of these dissertations and theses have opted to publish as open access. Scholarly Communication.

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Open access thesis and dissertation online
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