How to write a 14 figure grid reference printable

The grid numbers on the east-west horizontal axis are called Eastings, and the grid numbers on the north-south vertical axis are called Northings. Next, move north from the bottom-left-hand corner of your grid square and estimate how many tenths your symbol is from this point.

Start at the left-hand side of the map and go east until you get to the easting crossing through the bottom-left-hand corner of the square you want. The fourth and fifth numbers are the northing value, which is the same as in the 4-number grid.

Grid lines on maps define the coordinate systemand are numbered to provide a unique reference to features. To find the number of the square: The vertical lines crossing the map from top to bottom are called eastings as the numbers increase in an easterly direction.

In other words, go east just shy of half-way to the next easting. Look at the number of this grid line and add it to the two-digit number you already have. The more digits added to a grid reference, the more precise the reference becomes.

The precision of location varies, for example a simple town plan may use a simple grid system with single letters for Eastings and single numbers for Northings.

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Grids may be arbitrary, or can be based on specific distances, for example some maps use a one-kilometre square grid spacing. He tells you he has a surprise for you near 96th Avenue and South Oregon Street. Now, back to our Columbia City map. This reference describes a metre by metre square, and not a single point, but this precision is usually sufficient for navigation purposes.

Put them together to create a six figure grid reference. A GPS unit commonly gives a ten-digit grid reference, based on two groups of five numbers for the Eastings and Northing values. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

In our 6-number example, our third number is 4 which represents four-tenths more to the east. Looking at the bottom green numbers, you find the easting number For the church in Little Plumpton, this gives the digits 6 and 7 6 on the left to right axis Eastings and 7 on the bottom to top axis Northings.

Zhang Heng "cast a network of coordinates about heaven and earth, and reckoned on the basis of it". Four-figure grid references can be used to pinpoint a location to within a square measuring 1 sq km.Worksheets for practising 4 and 6 grid references.

This is a free resource for all. I know how tedious and difficult it can be to find resources for teaching so I hope that wherever you are, you'll find them as useful as I did when I first started/5(65). Since, in the UK at least, a 6-figure grid reference identifies a square of metre sides, an 8-figure reference would identify a metre square, and a digit reference a 1-metre square.

In order to give a standard 6-figure grid reference from a figure GPS readout, the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th digits must be omitted so it is important not. There are two types of number sets that are used in reference to the grid system: 4-figure, and 6-figure.

These numbers are used to help find locations on the map. 4-figure Grid Reference. Activities: Four figure grid references locate a grid square (usually 1 km square) on a map.

on a map. Rollover image > The four figure grid reference is always given for the bottom left hand corner of the square (the South West corner) and you always write the Eastings before the Northings [Hint: Along the corridor and up the.

Grid reference

In order to obtain an 8 figure grid reference, you need to carry out the exact same procedure to obtain a 6 figure grid reference, dividing your grid square into tenths, but then further sub-divide the 6 figure tenth in which your location lies into further tenths (the 8 figure tenths).

14 Figure Grid References 1. How to read a 14 – figure New Zealand Grid Reference 2. A 6-figure grid reference is 6 numbers: made up of a 3 figure Easting (numbers along the bottom) and a 3 figure Northing (numbers up the side) The middle of Auckland Harbour Bridge =

How to write a 14 figure grid reference printable
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