Gasoline fuel injection system k jetronic

Screw the fuel pipes you are going to use for testing purposes into the metering unit. Fuel filter is often a combination of a paper filter, followed by strainer. Screw the fuel validation check dispenser as indicated above.

When the fuel delivery quantity is lower, the plunger shifts back closing the exit port to allow less fuel to escape to the tank. After that the fuel should leak out of the fuel pipes you are using for testing purposes.

When the engine is running, the fuel enters the accumulator volume and pushes the diaphragm against the spring force. Sometimes it takes polishing aluminum sealing washers to prevent fuel leakage. Also there fuel in the system itself is under high pressure because of the petrol overstock.

Nevertheless, they are still being used by the car owners, thus the older fuel injection systems still need to be diagnosed, serviced and repaired. Detach the operational fuel pipes from the metering unit and from the fuel distributor that leads the fuel towards nozzles from the metering unit side.

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One chamber acts as the fuel accumulator and the other chamber is connected to the atmosphere. Carefully lift the pressure disk of the air metering unit. As a result, more fuel will be delivered to the injection valve.

The final car to use K-Jetronic was the Porsche Turbo 3. Be sure to make a dispenser assembly in reverse order of disassembly.

Inlet manifold depression vacuum is measured using a pressure sensor located in, or connected to the intake manifoldin order to calculate the duration of fuel injection pulses.

Originally, this system was called Jetronic, but the name D-Jetronic was later created as a retronym to distinguish it from newer versions. All measurements should have been recorded by this time. Use them to squeeze the fuel back leak pipe.

Disassembling the fuel control unit the fuel distributor. It is used to maintain the pressure in the fuel system constant at about 5 bar.

The movement of the sensor plate is transmitted to a control plunger of the fuel distributor via a lever. Be sure not to forget, that the electrohydraulic valve fixing screws are made of special non-magnetic alloy and their replacement by non-specialist is prohibited.

Carefully fold the diaphragm and all the other parts in a container of gasoline noticed that a long stay in the air contributes to drying and cracking of the membrane, this is really important.

D-Jetronic was a precursor of modern common rail systems as it had constant pressure fuel delivery to the injectors and pulsed injections, albeit grouped 2 groups of injectors pulsed together rather than sequential individual injector pulses as on later systems. Mono-Jetronic is different from all other known single-point systems, in that it only relies on a throttle position sensor for judging the engine load.

Instead of injecting fuel into the intake, this injector allows fuel to bypass the fuel distributor, which varies the fuel pressure supplied to the mechanical injection components based on several inputs engine speed, air pressure, coolant temperature, throttle position, lambda etc.

Depending on the position of the sensor plate in air flow sensor, the fuel distributor meters the sufficient quantity of fuel to be distributed to individual cylinders. When the gasoline pump is on, the fuel should not leak out of the fuel pipes you use for testing purposes. Experience has proven that those cars that are equipped with mechanical fuel injection systems are hardly welcomed by the car-care centers.

Knock with a light hammer blows on the blunt edge of the knife, having the knife alternately putting on different sides of the dispenser.

At the same time be sure to constantly monitor the condition of the membrane, to see that it would equally disconnected from the planes of the two halves of the dispenser.

The next operational step usually appears to be a really difficult one, so you need to take it easy and to be as careful and cautious as you can.

It consists of a roller race plate which is eccentric in shape. Due to the eccentric shape of the race plate, the rollers in the rotor move outwards pressing against the roller race plate due to centrifugal force.

Be sure to check the dispenser after cleaning Turn on the gasoline pump. This results in excellent atomization of the fuel even if it is of small quantity.

The air flow sensor here works on suspended body principle.Apr 28,  · K-Jetronic Fuel Injection System K-Jetronic is a mechanically and hydraulically operated fuel injection pump, introduced by BOSCH GmbH in the year The K-Jetronic pump requires no form of drive and one of its features is that it can meter the fuel as a function of the intake air How Car Parts Work.

BOSCH L-Jetronic Injection Author: Crit Keywords: Bosch L-Jetronic L Jetronic RX-7 Brought to you by the team at Created Date. Mechanical fuel injection - Bosch K-Jetronic, Bosch K Jetronic The Fuel Filter Due to the extremely fine tolerances within the Bosch K Jetronic system, it is vital that the filter has excellent filtration properties.

A mechanical fuel injection system designed and built in-house by Daimler-Benz was used untilwhereas the Bosch D- Jetronic electronic fuel injection was used from Several years later came a switch to K-Jetronic.

Checking and repairing the Bosch KE-Jetronic fuel distributors

Approximately up until mechanical fuel injection systems have been installed on certain Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Ford etc. car models – starting with Bosch K-Jetronic, and after that –. BPH Gasoline Fuel-Injection System Mono-Jetronic Bosch Technical Manual by Manufacturer. Currently unavailable.

Gasoline Fuel Injection System Ke-Jetronic(Bosch Technical Instruction)[GASOLINE FUEL INJECTION SYSTEM][Paperback] Feb 29, by RobertBosch. Currently unavailable.

Bosch K, K with Lambda, KE-Jetronic.

Gasoline fuel injection system k jetronic
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