Fostering scientific temper essay

It happened at Wimbledon and at the Olympics. People in Britain believed that whenever their prime minister turned up at a sporting event, the British side lost. If we were to learn from our past mistakes, the following change is necessary. Nehru also contended that the scientific temper is the opposite of the method of religion, which relies on emotion and intuition and is mis applied "to everything in life, even to those things which are capable of intellectual inquiry and observation.

Who indeed could afford to ignore science today? You can expect an earful of conflicting opinions and comments on the right of any government to spend public funds on ritualistic prayers for rain. It is easy to pretend to be wise after the event.

Scientific temper

Can we use the painters from the past and trends at present to plan for the future? Here we are reminded of C. Passive acceptance or received wisdom is not only dull and undesirable but downright dangerous because it conditions people to believe and obey blindly.

While looking towards the future it helps to look backwards first to be how Indian science has fared during 20th century. There has been, it will be noticed, a shift since independence from the individual to the organic science. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is the demand for their real happiness.

At every turn we have to seek its aid. First, there should be close interaction between universities and ARIS with the scientists from the former lecturing the students from the latter and the faculty and students from the latter being given opportunities for participating in frontier research at the former.

Yet, according to our Constitution, 42nd Amendmentone of our fundamental duties is to promote the scientific temper. Take any old university of today and compare its academic and scholarly ambience with what it was years ago.

The purpose of all government effort for developing new science should be to provide a hassle free environment for dedicated research far from the madding crowds of a university dons and rowdy student masses.

In any case, the sense of wonder with which children enter school has by now been irretrievably lost. First, because my young student had shown such a mature understanding of the sensitive issue of challenging entrenched beliefs.

We brainwash them with what we want them to think in the interest of patriotism or national integration or worse, the ideology of a political party or religious sect. Simultaneously, with the creation of ARIS the downgrading of our once excellent university systems also began.

How National Science Day is Celebrated National science day is celebrated as one of the main science festivals in India every year during which students of the schools and colleges demonstrates various science projects as well as national and state science institutions demonstrates their latest researches.

Do we see any evidence of mature and dignified debating in our public arenas? The TIFR initially sent scientist for training abroad. The culture of questioning was non-existent in her college, she complained bitterly.

National Science Day

Our children are not given an opportunity to examine different viewpoints and arrive at their own interpretations. Why does this gulf between the arts and the sciences exist in our country today, if we have all been dedicated to the imparting of a holistic education?

The universities have become factories where the workers hours are counted by bureaucrats each time a pay revision takes place, when, merit as a criteria for selection, goes out of the window we have no reasons or justification to demand that a university should produce quality output.


The former told me that she took a while to come to terms with the fact that in her new college, the faculty frowned upon any kind of questioning by students. She had joined the Sci Pop or the Vigyan Prasar wing of the national science scheme.the need to foster a scientific temper Efforts to create an objective, open-minded, logical approach with a respect for accuracy among children are still not.

Essay on The Need of Cultivating Scientific Temper in Students

Fostering Scientific Temper by Santosh Takale - View presentation slides online.5/5(22). The Scientific temper is a way of life (defined in this context as an individual and social process of thinking and acting) which uses the scientific method and which may, consequently, include questioning, observing physical reality, testing, hypothesizing, analysing, and communicating (not necessarily in that order).

Fostering Scientific Temper by Santosh Takale 1. Fostering Scientific Temper (ivakasa vaO&ainak dRYTIkaonaacaa) Fostering Scientific Temper (ivakasa vaO&ainak dRYTIkaonaacaa) SANTOSH TAKALE BARC, Mumbai (Ph / ) [email protected] / [email protected] 2.

> The theme of the year was “Fostering Scientific Temper and Energy conservation”. > The theme of the year was “Science for Nation Building”. Essay on Science and Technology.

Essay on Science. Essay on Wonders of Science. Paragraph on Wonders of Science. The essence of scientific spirit is to think globally and act locally, since scientific knowledge is universal in nature while the fruit of science have some site specificity.

Similarly Kalbag () says that the scientific temper or scientific approach is a refinement of the process of thinking that comes naturally to every human being.

Fostering scientific temper essay
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