Factors affecting menu planning

Preparation of menu is one of its Factors affecting menu planning. Canned green beans are not frozen, and frozen grapefruit juice is not fresh. Eventually, the operation must replenish the inventory, if it is to continue offering the items customers are buying. If the event is starting with breakfast or lunches, then menu should offer items that can hold up for longer periods of time without ruining the integrity of the food.

Some special dishes are prepared on religious festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Holi, Asthma, etc.

Including mango or watermelon in diet is useless in winter if it is not available. This does not simplify the planning of balanced meals. Supply levels relate the price to the quality and quantity of the proposed menu items. Society can be divided into three categories on the basis of income - lower, middle, and high income groups.

A pinch of sodium bicarbonate added to green vegetables helps in brightening the green colour. This tables give us the percentage of important nutrients in the edible portion of all foods we consume, we can calculate its nutritive value with the help of food consumption tables.

Consumer demands are perhaps the most important factor to consider in changing a menu. With this analysis management should anticipate where cross-traffic may create safety and sanitation concerns as well as bottlenecks in production.

For example, if a hotel is planning to serve a banquet forall of the food items cannot be dished for all guests immediately prior to service. If the meal is vegetarian proteins with suitable combinations to improve the overall protein quality of the diet.

Before management begins menu planning, the skill levels of cooking and service personnel must be assessed. Therefore, the appearance of the menu should be in harmony with the image the food service establishment wants to project.

With the increase in income, choice in selecting foods can be wider for seasonal or non-seasonal foods and such foods can be procured locally or from far off places. Public Health Services in and were revised in Another important factor is to consider the region or location of the event and popular food items from the local area.

So any, one food in a particular list can be exchanged for any other food of the same list. Finally, truth-in-menu is another menu planning consideration that is growing in importance. The first step to providing your guests with a memorable, satisfying meal is to plan the menu.

Include at least one serving of milk to ensure a supply of calcium and other nutrients as milk contains all nutrients except iron, vitamin C, and fibre.

Try mixing and matching textures by including soft, crunchy, crispy and creamy foods. Losses during cooking and processing 2. Individual variations in requirements. How much food each individual will need will depend on many factors which have been considered while computing the Recommended Dietary allowances.

However, it is imperative that the items served look exactly like the pictures; otherwise decreased satisfaction may be the result.

It is imperative to select equipment based on capacity, skill levels of employees, energy and maintenance costs, and initial purchase price.

Menu changes are modified by both external and internal factors. The RDA is the guideline stating he amount of nutrients to be actually consumed in order to meet the requirements of the body. That is, simplification is being sought for the sake of operational efficiency.

Another way to increase sales of featured items is to write the menu items possibly with prices on a chalkboard near the entrance.

Such additions should not be made without an analysis of product flow and personnel movement. When a menu is initially planned, the resources under the control of the food service manager must be carefully considered.

For example, servers should know what items are on the menu, the portion sizes offered, how the items are prepared, and the prices. This is m important in those cases where the housewife i also working.

What are the factors affecting meal planning?

All you can eat implies that the customer is entitled to have exactly that. Foods are grouped on the basis of the predominant nutrients present in them.

All these factors are to be kept in mind while planning a meal. With many health related and religion issues and preferences, event planner should anticipate the special dietary requirements while planning a menu. Servers should also know the meaning of all terms used on the menu so they can explain them to any customers who are puzzled.

For example, fresh lobster or seafood is often listed a market price due to the daily fluctuations in price.6 Factors to Consider When Planning a Menu Taste Appearance Taste is important for customers when they go to a restaurant.

They want to be able to enjoy a nice tasty meal, whatever they select to order. Factors to consider in menu planning 1. LESSON 35 FACTORS TO CONSIDER IN MENU PLANNING 2. A menu is a list of specific foods offered byfood establishments to its consumers for a specificperiod.

Planning the menu is the process of listingdown these foods which can be served forbreakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.

It is not very easy to provide acceptable mi to each member of the family according their likings. Even after being familiar all the principles of meal planning, a house- is often unable to select foods according to members of the family as the number of factors affect meal planning which are as follows.

Menu planning is the key to overcoming this problem. DEFINITION Menu planning is defined as a simple process which involves application of the knowledge of food, nutrients, food habits, and likes and dislikes to plan wholesome and attractive meals.

Factors to Consider While Planning Menu. O'Sheas Catering | May 02, Planning an event means planning for various things simultaneously. Preparation of menu is one of its parts. Choosing the right caterer in this regard is one step to success of the event.

For the successful organization of the event, planner has to draft best wine-cloth.comon: Pacific Avenue, Tacoma,Washington. Menu Planning The Menu Planning Control Point Menu planning is the first control point in the food service system.

The menu is a listing of the items the foodservice operation has for sale.

Factors affecting menu planning
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