Essay on what ails indian sports

Children grow up believing that sport is merely for recreation. So they view sports as only a passtime to keep their wards healthy and their minds fresh. Such things to a great extent demoralise our youngsters. In times gone by the term redskin was utilized to depict the scalp of a dead Indian, which had been removed by his enemy after battle.

Anything more than that is regarded surely as an evil and must be guarded against. If a country adopts democracy before it is ready for it, its infrastructure will suffer badly. And such talent, whenever it comes to the fore, is grossly neglected at the time of selection for any event because they do not fit into any caste, region, language or group considerations of the selectors.

Fine, upright, capable sports lovers need to be in charge, with a clear mandate to make India a super power in sports. In the same way it is no longer acceptable to use images of African Americans in a negative manner or to sell or display things such as gollywogs, it should not be satisfactory for other races to be used as a mascot.

These things will develop sportsmen of high callibre and show the world that India can be a world champion in every sport. Usha have failed to find a mention in the international medal tally, in spite of their best efforts and glowing eulogies at home.

If a country adopts democracy before it is ready for it, its society will get heavily divided along every possible division including language, caste and religion. In pleading their First Amendment rights before the Supreme Court, the two top papers of the nation were struggling to uphold the foundational and fundamental principles of American democracy.

More Essay Examples on Sport Rubric Demurring the field of sports, India has many achievements in its name to be proud upon. It is not something that is easy to stomach, but hey, the times they are a-changing.

For the Native Americans, face painting is highly symbolic and sacred and the wearing of feathers is a sign that one should be revered and respected. If the vast majority of a population is illiterate and uneducated, social awareness is poor, and elections have little meaning.

That sport is just another unrewarding persuasion in our endless fight for survival.

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The second cause of the fast-deteriorating standards in Indian sports is the politicisation of sports. Privatisation or sponsorship of the various games and sports is the only answer especially when we cannot spare enough funds for sporting activities in the country.

Possessing the scalp was used as an indication that the holder was superior and had conquered his rival. This coupled with the lack of basic infrastructure, has hindered any progress in this direction.

Few years back the Sports people in Mumbai rallied together to raise funds and get a flat for him.

What Ails India

Proper voting requires a certain minimum level of social awareness and sense of responsibility. Also, if the vast majority of a population is poor, social responsibility is low.

That they won, with a ruling in their favour, is the stuff dreams are made of. This is highly dishonorable and disrespectful to a race whose past exhibits bravery in the face of adversity and a strong, powerful war tradition. To be a world class athlete, one needs proper goal oriented coaching with the best facilities and also appropriate food and body requirements.

The use of Indian images as mascots is highly racist as it produces a stereotypical view of the characteristics of native Americans and portrays the people as being inferior, something to be made fun of. It was a national shame when the one-day match between India and Sri Lanka was abandoned due to poor pitch conditions.

People all over are being educated, via these mascots, that the practices and traditions of the Indian people are inconsequential and trivial customs that are there to be laughed at for a source of entertainment.

Old discourse The problem is that current Western coverage of India is part of deeply entrenched decades, if not centuries, old discourse.

This is a major shortcoming at the moment. While visiting this country, we are especially interested in understanding the health system prevailing there. We never lacked that.

What ails Western media’s portrayal of India

Our sportspersons, who have kept up the initial promise, can be counted on fingertips. Everyone knows that India is a store house of talent. Over-indulgence in cricket also paves the way for negligence of other sports. Little seems to have really changed since then in the dominant narrative.

What does really ail Indian sports? Those people who argue that the use of native American symbols as mascots is simply fun and does not do anybody any harm should turn to the people being characterized and ask them how they feel about it.

To be at the top, we need to have proper physical conditioning which will come through a balance of diet and exercise in a scientific manner. We should extend every possible facility to our sportspersons and encourage them to take up sports and games more seriously.

We can also do this if we wish sports and games to flourish in this country.What ails Western media’s portrayal of India The problem is that current Western coverage of India is part of deeply entrenched decades, if not centuries, old discourse. A good sportsperson, who does not fare well in studies, is always looked down upon as an idler or no-gooder.

Added to it is the lack of sports consciousness in the Indian mind. Our duty is to create an awareness of sports and games in the minds of the people if things are to improve in times to come. Essay for APSC Mains Exam Posted on December 22, January 2, by admin Essays are an integral part of test(descriptive) of English language for any examination.

However, it is not approved by Hockey India or the FIH. Hockey India League (Hindi:????????????), abbreviated as HIL, is a professional league for field hockey competition in India. It is organised by Hockey India. The tournament contested among franchisee-based teams consisting of players from India and around the world.

What Ails Indian Sports? One of the greatest” degradations that has occurred in our country during the second half of the twentieth century, has been in the field of sports and games. What Ails Indian Sports Essay WHAT AILS INDIAN SPORTS?

Sports ; a passtime for students, a passion for players, a fitness solution for the middle aged, perhaps life for aficionados and more recently lucre for businessmen; has an equal significance for the country as a whole.

Essay on what ails indian sports
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