Essay on responsibility and accountability

The Army spends a lot of money on equipment and belongings for the soldiers, so the Army expects to know where its equipment is. Being accountable means being dependable-arriving to work and appointments on time, meeting deadlines, being in the right placevat the right time, doing the right thing at the right time.

I now realize that no matter what issue I am having that I need to communicate better with my chain of command so that they can help me. Accountablility does not end in the army life it also goes into civilian world. Not having good accountability for Soldiers in combat could cause someone to lose their life.

If you can not be there then what is your team going to think when they hear over the radio that you are on the way and you are the only one that can help them.

If I would have communicated more with my chain of command then there would not have been an issue with my wear abouts.

I need to ensure that I am that to receive the proper information to put out to them. They report to your chain of command all shows and no shows.

Why is accountability important to the Army? As a non commissioned officer I should have used better judgement. If I do not put out the information to my Soldiers then I have failed them. Morning formation is the most important formation of the day.

Pregnancy pt is a post wide program and is mandatory that you let them know where you are during pt hours due to them needed to have accountablilty for you. No matter what someone is always responsible for equipment in the Army. Working in the orderly room also makes me accountable for reporting the numbers of the whole unit.

It goes to the highest officer to the lowest enlisted personal in the chain of command and back up again. By not have good accountability for myself I did not live up to all of the Army values.

Responsibility & Accountability

Accountability is concerned primarily with records, while responsibility is concerned primarily with custody, care, and safekeeping. It could be the end of your carrer. It is very important to have accountablility of all training documents to ensure that I am reporting everything properly.

Army Accountability Essay Sample

If you do not show up and you do not respond on the radio there is going to possibly be a search team for you. It could be consequences for the Soldier due to me not putting out the information in time. If they do send a search team for then that puts that entire team at risk while looking for you.

If one person is not accounted for then the entire formation does not leave. Get Access Army Accountability Essay Sample By not being accounted for I have let my unit down and failed in the missions that needed to be completed.

If you do not make it to formation or movement it is punishable by UCMJ. Also, I must always b e accountable for my actions no matter how severe the consequences are.

Point of accountability formation is to make sure all of your soldiers are there and that they are all accounted for. I need to ensure that I always strive to do better and achieve all of the goals in which I have set forth.Free Essay: Personal Responsibility and Accountability Due to my recent troubles at work I have been counseled twice in the past several weeks.

This has. This essay has discussed what 'accountability' means and the problem that the term 'accountability' conveys little meaning in itself. The essay considers terms, such as 'autonomy', 'responsibility' and 'authority' and how they are relevant for understanding the lines of accountability.

- Evidences that allows assurance of accountability attributes and verification of compliance with the principles of accountability by service-providers and attribution of responsibility for breaches within the chain of accountability is essential. responsibility essays Being responsible refers to our ability to make decisions that serve our own interests and the interests of others.

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We first need to be responsible for ourselves before we can be responsible for others. In learning to be more responsible it is important that we know our limi. Army Accountability Essay Sample. The NCO’s responsibility is to make sure that the soldier is accountable for the items and has eyes on these items when need, so that he can report it to his higher command.

The Army spends a lot of money on equipment and belongings for the soldiers, so the Army expects to know where its equipment is. The importance of accountability and communication in the Military is so each and every personal is all on the same page.

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Essay on responsibility and accountability
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