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These films ripen our eyes and create in us an urge for improvement. Social hits awaken in us a feeling of disgust against the social evils prevailing in the country. Essays for High School Students to develop their skills of writing.

Essay on Influence of Cinema on the Society in Hindi

These films increase our knowledge, broaden our outlook. Besides, these categories also start visualising the screen to be a picture of real life which leads them to disappointment and frustration.

It also has great entertainment value.

Essay on cinema and its effects for school students

Cinema is no doubt one of the wonders of the present age. We want some thrill and romance, and a means to escape from the hard realities of life. Now, what is to be measured is the depth and amount of influence on different individuals. Some pictures are indeed very harmful. The cinema affords us much relief of the anxieties of life.

There are many young men and women to whom the screen hero or heroine appears no less than a hero or heroine of the actual world. They are as fond of it as before. When this is mot to be, they are sadly disappointed with what life has to offer them in reality.

Laborers can afford to miss their evening meal, not their evening show. The cinema has become so popular of late that more and more cinema halls are coming up. Some adventurous youth makes advances to a girl, imitating a hero of a film story, and find themselves in trouble.

A few characters from Gujarat, a few scenes from far-flung Kashmir make the story. The impressionable minds are, as expected, learning what they see in the cinema.

Thus we see that the urban population is mostly influenced by the cinema. Cinema has lurking dangers in it. Fashions take their origin from cinemas and manners are copied from the film stars. Most of us lead a poor, dull, and humdrum life.

The impact of cinemas on the young is the deepest.

Short essay on the Impact Of Cinema On Social Life

It is a medium that encourages artists — such as performers, singer, dancers, script writer, camera-man, and director to show their talent at their best. This is why to day the picture we see are mostly those which cater to the lower classes if people, and children, as, only they can be frivolous and appreciate as fun, meaningless gestures and overtures.

They give rise to different kinds of crimes.Cinema thrusts a powerful cultural influence on our nation. Our films have brought villages and towns closer and different provinces nearer.

A few words from Hindustani and a few words from a dialect spoken in Remote Tamil Nadu make a popular song. A few characters from Gujarat, a few scenes from far-flung Kashmir make the story.

Cinema is no doubt one of the wonders of the present age. There is hardly a man who is not fond of the film. That it is a cheap source of recreation for.

Essay on Influence of Cinema on Society  Cinema is in today’s world the most popular means of entertainment.

Millions of people watch cinema everyday all over the world-not only as a means of entertainment but also as an escape from the monotony, boredom, anxiety and troubles of life.

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Nowadays, cinema can be defined as the colorful moving images coordinate with voice, music and sound is a building in which films or movies are show. Cinema also is most high-definition televisions have number of picture modes that can allow you to adjust the TV's setting for optimal viewing.

The cinema is the most popular form of entertainment today.

Short Speech on “Influence of Cinema on Youth”

Young and old, rich and poor, boys and girls throng the cinema halls in thousands to see a film. Related Articles: Cinema Essay.

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Essay on influence of cinema
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