Chapter 2 review related literature and studies about computer game addiction

Review of Related Literature

Though there may still be clarifications to be made with regards to its true origin it is pretty clear though that Tumbang Preso is a game that involves the use of flip-flops as projectile, the empty can as a target and the elements of a tagging game that enables its players to chase each other around.

Sipa also features different levels that show different landmarks found in the Philippine like the Luneta, University of the Philippines, Quiapo Church and Mt.

He said many children spend hours in a computer shop playing online games. It involves an object which is made out of rubber and washer sometimes a 5 centavo coin and a piece of candy wrapper.

Though focused on developing 3D games, Unity is proven to also be an effective 2D game engine. In one of the episode of I-Wtiness, Kara David was able to interview youngsters namely Doc, Mark and Ice who resort to illegal activities just to fund their addiction to online gaming.

Mon Macutay in his blog article Pinoy-made Video… Macutay, mentioned 2 games that are made by Filipino game developers. Also the researchers are convinced that this study will contribute to the preservation of traditional Filipino games and the researchers also believe that this study may bring the advantages of gaming mentioned in the related literatures regarding gaming and its benefits since this study aims to instill the fundamentals of the game to the players in way that the game itself would present Filipino characters, setting, storyline and most of all gameplay which will be accurately based to the Tumbang Preso rules being reviewed in this chapter.

Some people might assume that playing video games are not good and almost always seen as an addiction but it cannot also be helped but see the benefits it gives to gamers. Since the advent of Poker app games on Facebook, developers reach out to Filipinos and made Tongits Wars.

In fact a game app that aims to reduce child obesity is already in the works as well as the game adaptation of the CSI TV series wherein the players learn to examine crime scenes and evidences, a game that aims to introduce to middle school children forensic sciences, also the game Budget Hero 2.

Amir Sharar also cited in his blog article Flashback: On the other hand, Neurasthenia is a psychological disorder marked especially by easy fatigability and often by lack of motivation, feelings of inadequacy, and psychosomatic symptoms.

Tumbang Preso Overview Tumbang Preso is a traditional Filipino outdoor game that is played by young Filipinos with flip-flops and empty cans on the streets, vacant lots or on basketball courts.

Even though Terra Wars did not quite work for Ladyluck Digital Media but through the years they eventually worked with clients such as Activision, UbisoftSony, EA and many more proving that Filipinos has already reached its potential in the field of game development.

However McGonigal still encourages everyone to play games due to its convincing benefits but also insists that people should only play on controlled number of hours.

Fourteen-year-old Ice says he gets his money from homosexuals in exchange for sexual favors. The game itself is still subject for reviews.

It is a first person shooter game that involves aliens as enemies. There is indeed a need for the Filipino children to engage in these games once again not only to remind them or their cultural heritage but also to help them improve physically and psychologically.

Doc, Mark and Ice are part of a young generation spending a lot of their time on computer games. After learning the proper way to play it, they can enjoy it with their peers in school or in their neighborhood communities.Apr 03,  · Review of Related Literature.

online games have become extremely popular among the young generation thus leading to the rise of online game addiction issues especially among the students. In the research conducted by Ahn and Randall (), they were able to discover that Massively-Multiplayer-Online Games or MMOG affects both.

Related Literature About Online Games - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. literature4/4(13).

Game Addiction. Science and Computer Studies Computer Science Department Game Addiction Submitted to: CHAPTER 2 Review of Related Literature and Studies This chapter consists of the review of related literature and studies from local and foreign which the researchers have scanned and reviewed to expound the topic that is being studied.

Computer games: Related literature Essay

O nline Game Addiction Among University Student s Lujiaozi Wang Siyu Zhu International -Degree project, 15HECs In chapter 2 we will present the earlier researches in this field as we have used in on computer game addiction, they define game addiction on the basis of the definition used by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health.

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9 CHAPTER 2 REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents the related literature and studies after the thorough and in-depth search done by the researchers.

Chapter 2 review related literature and studies about computer game addiction
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