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Nor is Bremgarten the first town to introduce exclusion zones. The creation of exclusion zones "proved useful and never caused any problems," said a local source. Only school grounds and sports facilities are closed to unaccompanied asylum seekers, it states.

Bremgarten Introduces Exclusion Zones For Asylum Seekers

The daily newspaper also cited the example of Nottwil, Lucerne, where asylum seekers could only visit the local swimming pool if they registered and were accompanied.

The BfM insists these are not "exclusion zones" and that fewer places are out of bounds than has been reported. Here too, authorities are planning to bar asylum seekers from a retirement home, a nearby neighborhood and even a local forest. Over 20 refugees from countries including Eritrea, Tibet and Sudan moved in, only to find their freedom of movement severely curtailed.

The introduction of exclusion zones in Bremgarten has now brought the issue to the attention of a wider public. These preventitive measures, says the paper, are becoming a normal occurance. Comment In a move described by the Swiss Refugee Council as "indefensible in both legal and humanitarian terms," the town of Bremgarten in the Swiss canton of Aargau has introduced several "exclusion zones" for asylum seekers, including public swimming pools and sports facilities.

In June, a vote on tightening asylum law in Switzerland attracted support of The restrictions were imposed after a home for some asylum seekers opened in former military barracks in Bremgarten earlier this week. According to the Tagesanzeiger, 32 "sensitive" zones are listed, including the public swimming pool, daycare centers, church squares, community hall, casino and retirement home.

Another center is set to open next week in Alpnach in the canton of Obwalden.

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The agreement is signed by a member of the BfM staff and Raymond Tellenbach, the mayor of Bremgarten. The point, says BfM head Mario Gattiker, is to prevent "50 asylum seekers visiting a football pitch or a swimming poool all at once," which apparently would lead to "friction and resentment.

Swiss policy on asylum seekers has been criticized before, with bodies such as the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR expressing alarm at its increasingly draconian tenor.Business / tech Culture Documentaries Infographics Infomigrants The observers Don't miss.


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