An analysis of a main character in ned kelly

Excepting the frame narratives of "S. The next day the Kelly Gang take over the town of Glenrowantaking seventy hostages at the Glenrowan Inn, but also winning the trust of the townspeople there.

Kelly falls in love with Mary and makes plans to escape the colony with her after she becomes pregnant with his child. Fitzpatrick tells them they have warrants for them, for horse stealing.

They later meet some Police in the Victorian bushlands and kill Constable Lonigan and two other Officers in a shootout. A detachment of four policemen is eventually sent to kill the quartet after efforts to arrest them prove unsuccessful; the Kelly Gang ambushes them at Stringybark Creek, where Ned kills three of the policemen.

Although he dresses the wound and Fitzpatrick leaves while promising that no action will be taken, warrants for the arrest of Ned and his younger brother Dan are issued the next day.

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After two years of working as a sawmill hand, he is drawn back to bushranging when a herd of his horses is appropriated by a rival squatter. He then awakens in the Australian outback and sees a white mare. Crucially, it is Mary who motivates Kelly to begin writing the story of his life as a legacy for his future child, who she fears will never know its father.

After his mother Ellen threatens the constable with violence, Fitzpatrick pulls his revolver on the family and Ned shoots him in the hand in self-defense. Red Kelly is shown to have numerous brushes with the colonial police forces, resulting in his imprisonment and death when his son Ned was twelve years of age.

Joe is subsequently shot and dies inside the inn. Technique[ edit ] The novel is divided into thirteen sections each ostensibly written by Kellywith a short description at the beginning of each section describing the physical condition of the original manuscripts.

Two years later he is released and comes home to a warm welcome from his Catholic Irish family. A fight ensues and Fitzpatrick returns to the police office, telling the others that Ned Kelly shot him. The Kelly Gang, using plate metal body armour, emerge from the inn and begin shooting, but are forced inside again.

Ned Kelly Movie Review Summary

It then pans to the Australian bush with Ned talking about his father. The gang is eventually cornered by a large squad of dozens of policemen versus just four in the Kelly Gang in the town of Glenrowan where the gang has taken numerous hostages and constructed several suits of plate-steel armor for protection.

The Kelly family are seemingly working to get ahead in life, by owning horses and farming. Ned intervenes and hostilities ensue when fellow officers help Fitzpatrick. Ned then re-emerges from the inn but is shot in the arms and legs and falls. The train then steams away.

It is noted that even with a petition of over 30, signatures for mercy, Kelly was sentenced to death for the murder of Constable Lonigan and hanged at Old Melbourne Gaol on 11 November Hare and the Police are set to capture the gang as their train is saved from derailment by an escaped hostage.

Morning passes, and the police wonder where the outlaws are. Ned regains consciousness and even though gravely injured, continues to fire at the police. Curnow betrays the gang by warning the incoming police train that the gang has sabotaged the tracks, feeling that history will view him as a "hero".

He finally is shot to the ground and taken down. Kelly dies a hero to the people of northeastern Victoria, with the legend of his life left to grow over time. Joe learns of this and arrives one night armed with a loaded shotgun and kills Aaron for being an informant.

Wikisource has original text related to this article: The policemen surround the town and engage in a furious shootout with the armor-clad gang, seriously wounding Ned Kelly and killing the other three members of the gang.

Plot[ edit ] The film starts out with a young Ned Kelly rescuing a young boy from drowning. For the following months the "Kelly Gang" avoids capture, living in the outback, often without food.

C", the novel does not contain any commas. Ned is loaded onto a train, and Hare asks if he may have the beloved green sash. Dan and Steve, down to their last bullets and knowing all is lost, commit suicide.Ned Kelly Movie Review Summary. Actors: Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Naomi Watts, Geoffrey Rush, Script Analysis of Ned Kelly; Click on a plot link to find similar books!

Main Character Identity: Male Profession/status. CHICAGO CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS Velma Kelly is a vaudeville performer who resides in Cook County Jail after she murdered her cheating husband and sister. Used to being the “main attraction”, Velma fiercely competes with up and coming rival superstar Roxie for the attention of the press and to preserve her celebrity.

Written in the words of the infamous bushranger and outlaw Ned Kelly – Australia’s Jesse James/ Robin Hood – the True History of the Kelly Gang is a novel which accounts Kelly’s life from impoverished childhood to inevitable capture and execution/5. The Representation of Australian History in the Movie Ned Kelly PAGES 3.

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An analysis of a main character in ned kelly
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