Alma leiva

Like I mentioned before, research is an important and crucial part of my practice.

She has studied both a Bachelors and Masters in Fine Art and Alma leiva exhibited her work internationally and across the US and has been featured by many publications. As an undergraduate student in Miami, I learned that my uncle back Alma leiva Honduras had been murdered in front of his family while coming home from a soccer game.

In this sense, Alma leiva work has a conscious element of activism and advocacy. This is a research-based series that examines the violence and limitations bestowed upon Central Americans in their homeland and as undocumented immigrants in the U.

I knew then that I would do something to try to change injustice, and that I would do it from beyond the borders of my homeland.

What made you want to highlight the experience Hondurans go through? As a child, I witnessed the spectacle of human rights violations on the part of the military many times on the streets.

That is why I am interested in creating work that addresses my social concerns and which debates these issues in an effective way so that it leads viewers to investigate deeper.

Over the following weeks, I became obsessed with developing video work that would inform the public of the wave of violence that had swept through my homeland.

I came to a juncture familiar to most artists, where you have to choose between doing art for commercial reasons and creating work true to your own experience in my case, my experience as an immigrant. It is what makes one a better practitioner. I also hope that bringing the issues that afflict my community into the realm of the arts can generate increasing interest in the art from this region, thus improving the prospects for more institutional and political representation in the future.

Unlike in the United States, in Honduras you see children vendors trying to make a few lempiras on the streets to help feed their families.

When I first went back to Honduras, the gang violence problem had taken on a magnitude beyond imagination, and yet on the surface things looked normal. And as undocumented immigrants in contemporary United States.

You could say that my work draws both on my personal sense of place and my experience of displacement. I always let the idea or project dictate the medium. Between research and production and documentation of the work it often takes me weeks to complete the tableau it can vary depending on the complexity of the workwhich I photograph using color film with one image as the final product.

The economic and social situation in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras along with the fallout left behind by civil wars in Central America have contributed to the gravity of this problem. As immigrants, many of us experienced issues including racism, deportation and family disintegration.

The juxtaposition of catholic and Mayan iconography, recall Spanish colonialism and the history of violence in Central America.View Alma Leiva’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Alma’s education is listed on their profile. See the complete profile Title: Graduate Student at Virginia.

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Exploring Latino Identities: Alma Leiva

Alma Leiva is a Honduran born artist, who moved to the United States at the age of fourteen. She has studied both a Bachelors and Masters in Fine Art and has exhibited her work internationally and across the US and has been featured by many publications.

The Exploring Latino Identities series examines issues in Latino/Latin American contemporary art through interviews with artists, art historians, and others. In today’s installment, Miami-NYC based Honduran American artist Alma Leiva talks about making art for a transnational cause.

She was born.

Celdas: Alma Leiva, The Fence

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Alma leiva
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