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What obstacles did she face in her way? Phoenix replied that her grandson had a throat problem. She saw a church and talks with a lady there.

Active Themes A white hunter, a young man, soon comes along, with a dog on a chain. Phoenix is aware that country clothes are inappropriate in the city. Read specifically for imagery, what pictures does Welty draw? The receptionist asked her a lot of questions.

She becomes unconscious and starts dreaming. Her monologues make this factor clear. She stands up to the dog, and even when she fails she accepts her fate. In this story, the writer has described the journey made by an old woman to get medicine for her grandson who has suffered from throat disease.

When she was on the bank of river, she saw a boy coming towards her with cake in her imagination. She imagined the life of A worn path questions woman, where she might be going, and why. Phoenix outwits the white hunter by cleverly using his pride and feelings of racial superiority over blacks both herself and the dog against him, and she manages to steal a nickel with remarkable grace.

Active Themes Reaching Natchez, Phoenix hears the bells ringing. Explain Phoenix Jackson and journey she makes to the town of Natchez. Rather than the city being a place of comfort for Phoenix, it is a place of disorientation.

From her monologues, we know about her poor condition of old age, greed for money, love for grandson, courage, etc. Old and frail, she carries a cane, which she switches at animals she thinks she hears moving in the brush.

She hits the dog but she fell down herself in to the ditch. Rather than tell him about it, she later on hides it. The part of the trace that Phoenix is walking through is unique for the loess soil that eroded to many feet deep.

Then she kicked the dog in spite of her old age when she kicked the dog, she fell into the ditch.

A Worn Path Questions and Answers

She comes across a log and goes ahead. And she has traveled extremely far: The student will express, communicate, evaluate, or exchange ideas effectively. Her name is Phoenix Jackson. Later on, she came across a dog. The student will apply strategies and skills to comprehend, respond to, interpret, or evaluate a variety of texts of increasing length, difficulty, and complexity.

The doctor asked the nurse to give Phoenix medicine freely. Active Themes The nurse, speaking loudly and slowly, suggests that the grandson will never heal. The Natchez Trace is an ancient trail that served as a main artery for commerce, war, exploration, mail, lawlessness, and westward expansion.

What do her monologues add to the total portrait of her? Once she was caught in thorny bush. Retrieved September 14, The student will apply Standard English to communicate. Summary Analysis In December a very old black woman walks slowly through a pine forest.The Question and Answer sections of our study guides are a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss literature.

Home A Worn Path Q & A Ask a question and get answers from your fellow students and educators. ***Answer questions on your own paper. Setting. 1. Here is a quote from a literary anthology: “Authors use setting to create meaning, just as painters use backgrounds and objects to render ideas.”.

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The primary theme of the story is that a good person (like Phoenix) will do her duty and fulfill her obligations no matter how hard it is to do so. LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in A Worn Path, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work.

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A worn path questions
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