A response paper to the apology of socrates

The Conviction and Alternate Penalties 36a - 38c Socrates is found guility by a margin of some 30 votes. Hence "those around him" also say that Socrates does not corrupt the youth.

At this point Socrates has the opportunity to propose an alternate penalty. Whilst interrogating Meletus, Socrates says that no one would intentionally corrupt another person — because the corrupter later stands to be harmed in vengeance by the corrupted person.

That people who fear death are showing their ignorance, because death might be a good thing, but that most people fear death as an evil thing, when they cannot possibly know death to be either good or evil.

Analysis of Plato's Apology

Prologue 17aa The first sentence sets the tone and direction for the entire dialogue. Receiving such public largesse is an honour reserved for Olympic athletes, for prominent citizens, and for benefactors of Athens, as a city and as a state.

He explains that he has no experience with the law courts and that he will instead speak in the manner to which he is accustomed: He prophesizes that there will be others to take his place.

For the most part, Socrates speaks in a very plain, conversational manner.

In order to spread this peculiar wisdom, Socrates explains that he considered it his duty to question supposed "wise" men and to expose their false wisdom as ignorance. In cross-examination, Socrates leads Meletus to contradict himself: That the false accusations of his being a corrupter of youth began at the time of his obedience to the Oracle at Delphiand tells how Chaerephon went to the Oracle, to ask her the priestess if there was a man wiser than Socrates.

Yet it is absurd to say that only Socrates corrupts the youth. That material wealth is a consequence of goodness; that the god does not permit a better man to be harmed by a lesser man; and that he is the social gadfly required by Athens: In that vein, Socrates then engages in dark humour, suggesting that Meletus narrowly escaped a great fine for not meeting the statutory requirement of receiving one-fifth of the votes of the assembled judges in favour of his accusations against Socrates.

That in searching for a man wiser than himself, his questioning earned him the dubious reputation of social gadfly to the city of Athens.

It is also another positive image of Socrates: At his age of 70, death would have soon arrived naturally. These activities earned him much admiration amongst the youth of Athens, but much hatred and anger from the people he embarrassed.

Plato and others indicate that, to the contrary, they have been helped by Socrates. The charge of "making the weaker argument appear the stronger" belongs to sophists like Gorgias, Hippias, and Evanus. And here he could ask them the same questions that he asked the men of Athens.

Socrates says he never was a paid teacher; therefore, he is not responsible for the corruption of any Athenian citizen. Socrates antagonises the court by proposing, rather than a penalty, a reward — perpetual maintenance at public expense.

Socrates, in addressing the men of Athens, states that he almost forgot who he was. He defends himself by practicising his art.

The Apology Plato PHIL 201

But now these people will bear the responsibility for it -- and they will have allowed Athens to be condemned for its condemnation of Socrates. At this point, a vote is taken and Socrates is found quilty by a margin of some 30 votes.

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Order now History of Ancient Philosophy Paper ; Platos Apology. Socrates then proceeds to interrogate Meletus, the man primarily responsible for bringing Socrates before the jury.

This is the only instance in The Apology of the elenchus, or cross-examination, which is so central to most Platonic dialogues.

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1 Plato’s Apology of Socrates How you, men of Athens, have been affected by my accusers, I do 17a not know wine-cloth.com my part, even I nearly forgot myself because of. Ultimately, Socrates' whole life had been a service to the City begun out of a pious response to the saying of the gods.

This is the deeper refutation of the charges. It is .

A response paper to the apology of socrates
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