70s fashion awareness

Worn by women of all ages and some men as well, these shoes were in every hip store in the country and some not-so-hip shops as well.

1970s Fashion: Women & Girls

Floor-length sweaters came with or without sparkle. His presidency led to the breaking off of a Syrian -Iraqi unification, which had been sought under his predecessor Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr and would lead to the Iran—Iraq War starting in the s.

Leather belts, slender neck chains, delicate rhinestone ropes, lace-edged chiffon kerchiefs, silk flowers all proved to be worthy ornaments. Characteristic Details of The s Fashion Exactly the s marked the beginning of significant changes in the industry of fashion.

The triangular scarf was the ultimate layer.

1970s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures & History

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70's Disco Fashion for Women

Clothes worn in the 70s 70s Jumpsuits - The popular 70s fashion fad, men and women wore 70s jumpsuits. So the key seventies staples are: Bright Prints and Patterns Coming to spice up the warm earth shades, various vibrant kaleidoscopic prints and patterns are often used in the seventies style too.

Jump Suits Fashion in touched on everything from loose peasant garments to tailored blazer suits. The jacket could be either short and shapely or long and lean. Peasant Blouses The peasant blouse is another typical seventies style staple, which is all about a relaxed and effortless look.

Several neutral shades were jolted with an electric streak of color. Fringes and Tassels Expect to see lots of fringes and tassels in the seventies style, decorating either bags, shoes and other tiny details or an entire piece of boho-chic clothing, such as a maxi dress, a cropped jacket, a poncho or a pair of wide-legged pants.

Shorter hair prompted a call for hats. Likewise, glam rock makeup was also bold but tended to be more theatrical than disco looks. It was all about finding fabrics and designs that shone under the disco lighting in the new dance clubs everyone was talking about.

Chunky heels are the way to go! Skirts sported dressmaker details such as yokes, tucks, pleats, smocking, dirndl gathers, wraps, cargo pockets or ropes. The most successful designer of was Halston. This continued into the s. Popular Fashion Designers of the 70s By Melissa McCormick The s introduced fashion ideas and trends that eventually became staple wardrobe items.The s are one of the most revisited decades when it comes to fashion, and they continue to influence modern style.

Thanks to the era’s whimsical uniqueness and freedom of expression, the ’70s and their style are something to which both designers and fashion-lovers are continuously drawn. Women were wearing pants in the sixties, but not all of them. By the time the 70s rolled around, women were wearing pants in every walk of life.

Female executives were wearing business suits with pants, women at home were wearing jeans.

Popular Fashion Designers of the 70s

Share your love for s Fashion: Women & Girls. 12 thoughts on “ s Fashion: Styles, Trends, Pictures & History The s was so wine-cloth.com seems I wish my generation was more like the 70s but it seems all we know is social media and phones.

'70s' fashion is reminiscent of Saturday Night Fever, Shiny Disco Balls and Charlie's Angels. If you want to incorporate a few of the styles from the decade in your wardrobe, read on. In Photos: The Best of '70s Fashion. Twiggy, Jane Birkin and more show how true seventies style is done.

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70s fashion awareness
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